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What motivates you?

Weekly Wisdom #22

Happy New Year! 🎉

As we step into the fresh canvas of a new year, it's only fitting to kick off with a burst of inspiration and motivation. The beginning of January signifies more than just the start of a new calendar; it's a collective return to routine, back to work, and a rekindling of our goals and aspirations.

In the spirit of embarking on this new chapter, let's delve into the heart of what propels us forward – motivation.

What motivates you?

When two years ago I ran my online groups, every week on Monday mornings I went live to motivate my members, to encourage them to set goals for the week and set time aside for those goals. It's all well and good setting goals but they have got to be realistic.

When thinking about what you're doing this week and what your priorities are, ask yourself: are they realistic and not too big?

I often use website creation as a goal example, as it's a big project to achieve in one week. Maybe a blog or a networking meeting is more realistic. But when it comes to a multifunctional website with different pages it can be big. What you could potentially do is break it down into different parts: designing, thinking and planning. Or first, just make the front page and the About Me page.

We can become easily distracted from what we need to do by shiny objects, these are the things that we like to do and get excited about the most. For me, it is often Facebook that I enjoy scrolling through and looking at people's photos. It can be a motivator and a distractor depending on when you spend time scrolling. If social media motivates you, it's great to give yourself permission to scroll - after you have completed a task. If you are likely to lose a lot of time try setting yourself a timer and tell yourself 'I'm going give myself 10 minutes in the morning', catching up on my Facebook once I have completed one task on my list.

Think about what your motivators are, they don't need to be related to work. For instance, it might be to sit on your sofa with a big hot cup of coffee, maybe even biscuits to go with it.

Pinpointing what motivates you and rewarding yourself with it will help you to complete the work you keep leaving at the bottom of your list.

When you're writing your to-do list, breaking down your daily tasks into small chunks will help in terms of structuring your day and achieving your goals. Make sure that you've got that time available to do all the tasks on your list.

Remember what your motivation was to start your business in the first place. Self-achievement and money coming in are huge motivators. People recognising your business is a big motivator too.

Make a list of things that motivate you to do your work. The reasons you get up and do it. The reason you're here.

I hope you can find a couple of things that motivate you.

I am always curious... if you feel like sharing with me, comment below what they are.

May this year be filled with achievements, growth, and unwavering determination. Here's to a motivated and successful year ahead!


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