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What are your goals?

Weekly Wisdom #3

Yes, it is a new year. As a coach at this time of the year, I encourage you to focus on your goals and keep track of yourself and your business to help you progress in the right direction.

It is useful to record what you're doing and how you're doing it. Write down your numbers. And if you're not achieving your goals, set yourself a few challenges in terms of what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve them.

Let's say you want to get new clients. You might approach people directly, message them or email them to introduce your services. Or call people that have connected with before.

Perhaps you want to grow your email list. Have you got something that you circulate like a freebie in exchange for emails? If this isn't something that you do, you could concern it as a goal you would like to achieve.

An example of this is my vision planner. I give this to people on my website in exchange for emails to increase my email list and increase my audience. (Are you on my list already?

It might help you figure out your goals and your vision.)

Maybe it will inspire you to do your own freebie that you can share with others, give value to your audience and make new connections. Think about what you can give for free to your audience.

OK back to our goals.

I set myself a few goals every single day as well as weekly and monthly, and I would like to encourage you to set yourself some.

Let's think about next month:

- What do you want to achieve?

- What action do you need to take?

- What's the first step?

Break down what you need to do, make a plan and write it down.

The more you write these things down, the easier it becomes and the more likely it is that you're going to take action for things to happen.

It is very motivating to see the record and see your progress.

If you feel overwhelmed and you feel you need some guidance, just send me an email at and we can have a chat about it.


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