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Weekly Wisdom #7

Do you discipline yourself when you work?

Discipline is something we, entrepreneurs need to be conscious of and work on. It is really easy to get distracted by social media. And I'm the first to admit that I easily get distracted by it, especially by Facebook. I promote my business there and I'm hugely on Facebook, in groups, on my business page and on other pages. I can easily get distracted by it, and I'm sure others do too. If it is not Facebook, then I can easily get spend time making calls to family or sending WhatsApp messages to friends etc.

When you are at a nine-to-five job you wouldn't necessarily be able to have a chat with your friends at your desk as you need to get on with your work or your boss would probably get annoyed.

So as an entrepreneur working for yourself and being your own boss, of course, it's great that you can take a five-minute break, have a coffee whenever you want and have a chat with your mum or a friend and nobody will say anything. To me being your own boss is one of the really good parts of working for myself. On the other hand, we need to discipline ourselves, set a timeframe for our work, ensure we complete our tasks and help motivate ourselves to make sure we are achieving the level that we are aiming for.

So my hot tips for this are: 🙂 Be conscious about your own discipline and what you want to achieve 🙂 If you have a planner or a scheduler write down what you want to do, and what your goals are each week or for each day. 🙂 Block out time for the tasks that you want to get done, be realistic about the time you need and stick to it.

For an entrepreneur, it is really valuable to discipline yourself, especially because you haven't got a boss who will do this for you.

Something that has really helped me over the years is having an accountability partner. It has really made a huge impact on my progress along with having a coach.

If you need some help with this or you want a copy of my time blocking/planning sheet, comment below and I will share it with you.


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