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Weekly Wisdom #11

What are the touchpoints in your business?

Traditionally with marketing, it's recommended that you have around seven touchpoints within your business to connect with your ideal client. But with the new age of technology when it comes to emails, social media platforms, websites, newsletters and the like, we need more than that; probably more like a dozen to help you stand out from the crowd and be remembered.

There are those customers that don't fit into the norm who maybe you will see once or twice or send them an email and they buy from you as soon as they see your offer.

These people may have already been doing their research and they know that you are the person they need straight away. But on average, you do need a number of different touchpoints. It is beneficial to have ways that they can follow you such as on business pages, social groups, LinkedIn, Instagram, newsletters, emails, or website blogs. So it is valuable to ensure you have a number of different touchpoints within your business (you don't need to use all of the above).

Think about the communication and engagement you have with your audience and the journey you are taking them on to build a relationship with them. Ensuring you continue to have connection points with all of your potential clients and your audience helps increase the percentage of your audience that turn into customers.

It's important to have an audience communication process, to enable people to buy from you. Ultimately, in a service-based business, you want your process to lead to a conversation on the phone or video call.

Think about your customer journey and all the different points of contact that you have with them. Having a process that aligns with you, that's easy, a way that you are comfortable to show up from time to time again.

Choosing methods that you can be consistent with is important, for instance, I enjoy and attend a networking group every month, which enables people to get to know me. Stick with the things that you feel aligned with, happy to do and comfortable with. Being consistent enables your audience to get to know you and understand your business offerings better.

Let people know who you are and what you do.

If you are not sure about your connection points, have a mini brainstorm. Get a piece of paper, write your method(s) in the middle e.g. 'email', list your email topics, the value, timing, the platforms you publish, etc... Once you start writing your ideas down you can start to form a plan to ensure you are consistent just like I am with this fortnight blog post and my weekly emails.

Please share your touchpoints with me or drop me a message if you would like to arrange a time that I can help you brainstorm your process.


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