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Take Action

Weekly Wisdom #20

Do you focus on what you want and take action towards it?

As a business owner, it is important to know what you want and to have goals. You may find that unless you're focusing and taking action, it's hard to make progress.

Are your thoughts positive?

Sometimes we need to train and develop our minds and work on having a positive attitude to ensure we make our businesses a success and to keep hold of the passion and determination that we started with.

When you focus on what's not working for you, it's going to continue to not work. If you know what you want and you continue to focus on it, you are more likely to make it happen. So focus on your business goals, excitement, passion, and determination that you have.

Think about why you started. Goals do change as you go along and that's ok to be expected you can change your business plan and grow in a different direction. The journey and your route might not go as you initially planned, although it doesn't mean it's the wrong direction.

I encourage you to always focus on the good and all the things that you want to happen. When things go wrong learn from them and let them go. The more we think about what we missed out on the more the frustration will continue instead of focusing on what we can do and achieve going forward.

I am guilty of it myself. If something goes wrong I feel annoyed, and upset and often think about how I am going to make this work. It can be hard to stop the spiral of negative thoughts. With a little time, I move on, whereas previously if I wasn't careful I could spend way too much time dwelling on what happened instead of learning, moving forward with the knowledge to do things differently and focusing on what's going well.

I believe everything happens for a reason.

If you reflect on your negative experiences a while after they happen you are more than likely to see the positive repercussion. I tend to have gone on a different journey, finding fortunate in somebody new I had met or benefited from a new idea that came to me. So if something goes wrong, try to trust something good will come from it.

Abraham Hicks said once: "Figure out what you want and talk yourself into it."

If you feel you need some more encouragement, I am here for you. Message me so I can support you on your business journey.


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