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Share your Story

Weekly Wisdom #9

How do you share your story? What works for you?

Do you

  • share newsletters with your audience?

  • write long content for your posts?

  • write LinkedIn articles?

  • do live videos or reels?

  • share stories of the journey that you've been on, and things that you've come up against in your life?

  • write blogs - thoughts, ideas, inspire people?

  • do interviews and chat with other people that have been on inspiring journeys, people that have had different experiences in life that are valuable to hear?

From time to time I write blog posts. Writing these is not something that I do quickly. It takes time for me to put my stories into words and share more about myself and my journey which means they are not the best method of sharing for me. It's important to know your strengths so that said - put me on video and ask me to share and it comes easy.

I like to be able to connect with people with a similar kind of background, to encourage them and show them how to simplify what they do and enjoy their journey. The best way for me is in real-time or via recordings.

How do you share your stories? I think it is really important to show up as YOU and be honest and authentic. By sharing your story, your value and your life with people you will find that you'll attract those that have got an affinity with you. They will follow you because of YOU and your personality and your uniqueness. They are likely to be drawn to you because they like what you have shared and they relate to the type of person you are and feel a connection.

Your potential clients and audience must be able to see who you are.

Although it may feel comfortable, it's worth pushing past those fears of what other people think; because as I often say it doesn't matter what other people think. You must focus on being you. There will be people that like you and there will be people that don't like you and that's okay. Be proud of who you are and share those unique aspects of yourself.

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