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Positive Mindset

Weekly Wisdom #14

One of the things that I find when you are in business and you are an entrepreneur is that it can be pretty daunting; spinning all the plates, not knowing what to prioritise and feeling a bit stuck thinking:

  • What should I do next?

  • Which direction do I need to go in?

  • Why is this not working?

  • Why am I on social media/running a group/networking?

  • Why am I putting all these offers together and promoting them?

  • What is it about me and my service that people aren't connecting with?

These are questions that we often ask ourselves.

Quite often when you're running a business, you've changed your service a few times, changed the price. You have put on special offers hoping it will help time and time again thinking this time it will be different. You will find different ways and sometimes that does work. You get it out at the right time and in front of the right people. Your ideal client sees what you're offering and it works.

But other times you are not sure what you need to do to change, leaving you feeling a little bit unsure and thinking why this is not working. This can often be down to your energy and your mindset.

It's not necessarily about what you're offering and what your business is. It can be that you're focusing so much on it not working and being hard on yourself and telling yourself you need to do more.

We can turn that around, shift our mindsets, go with positive thoughts and trust the process. Remember your why. Remember what it is about your business that you love the reason why you're doing it and trust that you can.

The more your energy shifts and you feel you are on the right road, the more things will start to work.

If you find it hard to shift your thinking ask for feedback or read the testimonials you already have, and let them lift you out of the low-energy state.

If you feel you need more encouragement and you want some support, send me a message so I can help you.

I hope you have a fantastic day.


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