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How do you market your business?

Weekly Wisdom #17

I know that for some people, it can be challenging to sell yourselves. It's not something that comes naturally to us. And we don't want to be pushy salespeople in our business, but we want to be visible in terms of what we do.

Here is an idea of what you can do to get visible in your work, and your business. This is an exceptionally positive and effective way of promoting your business which is actually to promote you.

I often speak about being visible in your business and showing up and people being able to see what you do and how you do it. So it is beneficial to be creative and show how you run your business, who you are and why you do it, your values and your objectives. The more you do it, the more people will find that they're attracted to you as a person, your business and your ethics. They want to build a relationship with you. They like the fact, that they know the person behind the business.

I don't know if you've ever been on a website before where it is tough to tell who is running the business, the size of the business and the story behind it because there aren't any photos. There isn't a story or a journey of how the business was built. It is really hard to build a relationship with the team. Whereas if you go to a website with pictures of the people and how they do their work, their workplace even their office, or their home life, then you get a better view and a better understanding of the business and get more of a connection with them.

So if you can, be creative and show your audience what you do, how you do it, show up and enable people to see your business from a different light, this will benefit them and you. Think about how you can be creative and stand out from the crowd. Believe it or not, creativity is a big part of being successful with sales and marketing. Even though we don't like to sell ourselves and we feel it's a little bit cringy we don't have to do it in a pushy way.

If you feel you need more encouragement and you want some support, send me a message so I can help you.


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