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Challenge yourself!

Weekly Wisdom #4

Do you challenge yourself with new habits?

A couple of days ago I was inspired by a Ted talk about challenges and 30-day challenges. It was interesting to listen about how we behave, what we do and how we help ourselves to do new things in our lives.

Sometimes we try new things for a few days, and we give up. There was an example about somebody who bought a smoothie maker to use every morning and actually, it lasted about a week.

When it comes to starting New Year's resolution such as going to bed earlier, reading more books or walking more what happens lasts for a few weeks, and then die out.

In terms of your business and habits, I want to suggest you think of something that you could do for 30 days. Something that would benefit your business and you can challenge yourself to do. Try to even schedule it in your diary and do it every single day.

I am not always organised but I like to get organised and plan ahead. At the end of the month, I print off a social media schedule for the following month, and I get my consistent posts out, organize the themes, and what I want to talk about and get an idea of the value that I'm going to give to my audience. This is an example of what you could do. You could make a plan for the next month in terms of your posts, and you could be consistent about them whether they are lives or whether they're still posts.

Or if you decide to cut sugar out of your coffee or out of your diet, try to do that for 30 days. After that, you will see the benefits, also it will become part of your new lifestyle.

One of the reasons this resonated with me is because I would like to start new healthy habits with my boys such as daily exercise and it can be exciting to include some sort of challenge. We walk our dog every morning, so I was thinking that it would be nice to find a tracker or challenge, to help us to get motivated. It can give us an end goal in terms of what we want to achieve and something to focus on which is different from gaming and TV or sitting on the sofa watching films. Something that gets us up and out for longer.

Is there something that pops up in your head, and would benefit your life in terms of business or in everyday life? Maybe it is something you've tried before but it hasn't worked. Think about doing it for 30 days consistently. See what a huge difference it will make. Even if it's very simple like drinking more water every day. It can be when you get up and brush your teeth or when you walk into the kitchen. Drinking water at the same time each morning helps to build a new habit. Try it for the next 30 days and you will see the benefits.

For accountability, let me know what your new habit will be ( I'm looking forward to hearing about it, and after 30 days to hearing about the results.


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