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Ask for help

Weekly Wisdom #21

How do you feel about receiving help? Are you one of those business owners who feels like you need to do it all yourself?

I have found that many of my clients struggle to get everything done as they do everything themselves. I completely understand as I did the same when I started my business. I built my website, designed my logo/branding, and did my accounts, marketing and admin.

If you were ever employed like I was I am sure you worked with a team who all had different roles and there was not just one person who had multiple jobs.

So WHY is it that so many of us run our businesses without receiving help?

I believe there are many reasons why, although there is one main one that most people identify with!

It took me a while to pay someone to help me. I started by getting myself a business coach. My coach suggested to ask for some help with my branding, but it still took a while. Once I did I then hired someone to help with my website. Since then, I have paid for help in many more areas; and I can tell you why I recommend it:

You can tell yourself I can do it and I have friends and family helping (although when it's free you have to wait as they are doing you a favour and you don't want to be pushy and the speed affects your progress). You can also tell yourself, I don't have the money yet and I can't spend what I haven't made! Can you imagine if restaurant owners or hairdressers thought like that?

So what it all boils down to is self-belief, trusting in yourself that you will make it work and see the return on your money. Not that I want to discourage your self-belief but it's also about not putting so much pressure on yourself, as quite often what we set out to do at the beginning doesn't always work out. We need the experiences and the journey to help us learn and make a success of what we are destined to achieve.

I have read a number of biographies from successful business owners and they all experienced challenges at the beginning before they found their way and it was self-belief and help from others that enabled them to make a success of themselves. You don't have to do everything yourself, it's okay to ask for help and believe me when I tell you receiving help helps you to accelerate your business.

If you need help with strategies or planning then make a small step and reach out: just send me a message.


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