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Always remember your why

Weekly Wisdom #2

Today I would like to remind you to always remember your why.

Take some time to remember:

- Why is it that you're running your business?

- Who is it for and what brought you to it in the first place?

- What is your passion, your drive, your purpose?

For some, there isn't a why, they just kind of fall into running a business without a drive. It is quite unusual but there are some. If you are one of them, reflect on it, it's quite an amazing journey you are on and great that you've come so far without really intending to.

But in many cases, you've planned and mapped your business out. Thought about it for years and eventually built up the courage, passion, and excitement and got to the point where thought to yourself: 'I'm going to do this.'

Quite often it is to do with our family or financial situation and because of our time and availability. Sometimes it is to do with health and what suits us. In many cases it's also connected to a life experience you have learned from and want to support others going through the same motions. When you experience or learn something that you feel has value, it is natural to want to share it with others.

For me, it is business coaching, helping people grow their businesses, by putting simple processes and strategies in place to enable them to feel in control of their business and enjoy it.

I would love you to think about what your why is or remember your why today. And if you want to, share it with me. I'd love to hear your story and know what it is that drives you to run your business. There's always a passion behind it, a reason, A WHY!

So think about that and comment or drop me a message at


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