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Weekly Wisdom #15

Today let's talk about confidence in your business.

It is often connected to the need to build up your competence and overcome fears, step out of your comfort zone, and believe in yourself. Remember why you started your business, and the passion behind it. It can be quite difficult sometimes, especially when we need to believe in ourselves when maybe others don't.

Have you ever come across a person who doubted what you're doing is good enough or doubted you're doing the right thing for you? It can get in the way of our mindset and our thinking, and then we start to lack confidence. Perhaps our goals start to diminish a little bit and we're feeling like actually, am I doing the right thing? So this is my quick little tip for you: think of the things that you are great at to help you build your competence.

  • What is your superpower, what is it that other people don't have?

  • What is it that stands out for you in terms of what you do?

  • What makes you unique?

  • In what way do you serve your customers/clients?

  • What is it that your customers say about you?

There is always something unique because you are you and nobody else is going to do the same as you. Identifying it for yourself will help you to build and believe in yourself.

Build your confidence and have faith in yourself!

You have started your business where you provide a service for others. There is a reason behind that: you've got an amazing unique skill that others don't have. Of course, there are other people out there that you're competing with, sharing and offering a similar service but nobody ever is going to have the same words, the same look, the same feel, the same vibe as you. You're doing it in a slightly different way from everybody else.

I have often used the example of dresses. Every dress is slightly different in terms of material, shape, size, and colour. When you're shopping for a dress, there are 1000s of them. But dresses suit different people, some more than others.

Confidence is going to help build your success when you come across as somebody that knows what you are doing and provides a great service.

So write down what your superpower is and what makes you unique, how you serve your clients, what it is that you provide and what people say about you. When you write these things down and share them, you're being verbal about what makes you unique and it helps to boost your confidence.

Would you like me to help identify your superpower? Always happy to help - send me a message and let's have a chat. It wouldn't take me long to help you realise it.

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