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Client Testimonials

Weekly Wisdom #13

This week I want to encourage you to be visible by sharing other people's words!

Sharing testimonials is a great way of doing this! As you may know, there are different ways to receive testimonials such as through your Facebook business page reviews or Linkedin. I would highly recommend that you encourage clients to write on your business page or LinkedIn, asking them for feedback; you can supply them with the review links to make it easier.

Additionally, you can ask people to fill in your Google review page and get feedback that way. This is also really beneficial to your Google ranking. You can also ask people to video record a testimonial, explaining what it is and how it is that they've benefited from your service or your product.

Be proud of your feedback and share them on your social media. It increases your credibility and it helps people see that what you do is much appreciated by others.

One of my favourite lines from feedback that I have received was a lovely sentence that said I had lit a fire in her belly. It was a wonderful line to receive and read, I was excited to share it in my networking group and on my Facebook page, I felt very proud of it and still do. One of the awards I got was for my seamless dedication to my audience; which is something that I love; it's wonderful to be recognized for something that doesn't feel like a job or like hard work.

So why not share a testimonial post this week especially somewhere where your ideal client will see it and send me the link so I can go there to support you (I know how scary it can feel to post something on social media and for it then not to receive much attention).

And if you need more ideas on how to use your testimonials, comment below.


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