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Business Awards

Weekly Wisdom #16

Have you ever won a business award?

It is really rewarding. It is an amazing way to leverage your business and a great way to increase your visibility to show that you're credible and boost your own confidence.

There are some fantastic business awards out there and opportunities. So if it's not something that you have won before, there are ways that you can nominate yourself for an award. For example, there are the Shining Star awards.

I think it's really valuable to show up and put yourself forward for awards, to be recognized for what you do and to share it.

I have won three awards, one, in particular, was very special to receive as I didn't put myself forward; I was nominated by one of my clients making it especially rewarding. It's touching that she thought of me, and put me forward explaining how great I am in terms of helping clients to take action, showing up and supporting people to grow their businesses.

So I do encourage you to think about doing this for yourself. If it doesn't appeal to you, there are a lot of other opportunities to pitch yourself to the press and shout about your business getting seen in a different way.

I think sometimes we shy away from being visible. But actually, we all should celebrate what we do, share it via the press, or go on podcasts, radio and even television. So if you feel like you want to start getting noticed in a different way and building leverage, then I'd suggest pitching yourself to the press and sharing your story. We all have amazing authentic stories about why and how we started our business and what drives us. These are worth sharing.

Comment below what awards have you been nominated for or what award you want to go for, happy to give you some press tips too.


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