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Branding tips for beginners!

Do you know how to build up your brand and make it unique to you?

Lets start with what Branding is! Well did you know it is more than just a logo?

It’s all about the vibe that you give off and the energy you have! It’s the feeling someone gets when they walk into a room!

Even a virtual room!

Its ok if you are not for everyone!

The main aim is to connect and attract your ideal client to bring in the income you desire. What is a Brand!

A Clear message to your ideal client!

Do you have an ideal client? (I can help you identify your Ideal client) When you are clear on your client you can be clear on your message!

Do this by letting them know who you are and what's unique about you and what you stand for!

Your Brand

Is your brand for you or against you?

It needs to be making an impact!

And showing who you are! Consistency is a key part of this, to ensure you are recognisable. Lets break it down

Step 1 Your business name – do you have a name that instantly tells people what you do!

Or one that they will remember?

Step 2 Do you have striking strapline! A strapline that it grabbing?

Something customers will resonate with and telling them something about you! Think of ones that you know like Nike – Just do it!

Step 3 A memorable logo!

Do you have a logo that you love and represents you?

This also includes having a colour palette and patterns! And having a selection of fonts which you consistently use!

Step 4 Eye catching, beautiful images which you use on your visuals!

So this is all about looking great and showing who you are, how are you seen?

Be it via a:

business card


Facebook post

magazine ad

Step 5 Magnetic Lead magnet!

Something that draws people to you! Something transformable, keep able and shareable

For instance a:




Quiz Take a look at your branding to see if there ways you can improve to boost your business. If you need and help or have any questions get in touch!


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