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Weekly Wisdom #12

Today let's talk about your belief system, discovering what you want to achieve in your business and what you want to believe that your mindset is getting in the way of.

The monkey brain (as some people refer to it) can stop you from moving forward and making progress; so it is important to be aware of what you are telling yourself and to focus on the things you want to believe in. I say you WANT TO believe, because sometimes when we make plans, they haven't happened yet. So you want to believe, it's going to work. You want to believe, that you've got the skills and the motivation, the mindset. the power and the knowledge to progress and make it work.

If there is any doubt in your mind in terms of self-beliefs I suggest journaling about them. It's a very powerful tool in terms of figuring out what is going on in your mind and focusing on what is good, what your vision is and what you want to work towards. One simple practice is to identify the doubt and turn it into a strong positive thought you can say to yourself e.g. - 'This is not going to work' change to 'I am going to make a success of this'.

I would recommend having some really powerful affirmations that you repeat to yourself on a regular basis to help you focus on what you want to believe. Repetition really does help and really does empower you.

Do you have an affirmation that works for you? I am looking forward to reading them, please leave a comment here.


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