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5 Ways to Increase your Business Income by Thinking Outside of the Box!

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

We have 5 ways to increase your income by thinking outside the box during the lockdown. The current situation is restrictive for many of us in terms of how we can run our businesses.

Here are our ways to help you adapt!

What does it mean to think outside the box?

Women working online on her business

It’s all about thinking creatively, freely, and off the beaten track! In a time of huge change, of increasingly powerful algorithms and digital networks its significance is becoming even more important.

Many of us are:

· resistant to change

· finding it hard to try something new

· feeling a fear failure

· telling ourselves there is no point changing

· thinking I can’t do that!

How many of these do you relate to?

If any of these apply I am here to encourage you to think creatively and freely.

I will help to guide you through questioning:

· why thinking outside the box is essential for your business right now

· tips & tricks for being self-aware and thinking more creatively

· how to achieve ‘outside of the box thinking’ and increase your income

When looking at 5 ways to increase your Business income why is it important to think outside the box?

There is a saying if you always do what you have always done you will always get what you’ve always got!

It’s important to be unique! While we all have goals and have likely been aiming high to reach them, now it’s time to think differently. To put all your efforts to work and achieve results that will set you aside from others takes something special. The way to do this is by taking a different approach than you’re used to.

Our goals can be restrictive causing our minds to follow the same pattern and continually go in the same direction. It can be beneficial to ask for help by turning to someone who doesn’t carry the same set of pre-programmed restrictions. Getting a perspective provided by a fresh set of eyes can help you come up with new exciting ideas. This is what leads to innovative pivots and launches.

What can you expect from using our 5 ways to increase your business income?

By reaching out for unbiased and unattached perspectives, you will receive freer thoughts. These come from the ability to dream up uninhibited new ideas. This can also result in releasing some of the weight off your shoulders. In turn giving you space to get your creative juices flowing all the more.

For example a therapist that works in person with their clients can gain new inspiration on how to generate business differently. When social distancing is enforced insights are needed on how to maintain a contact service, online. You can see how Ali Harris Therapy has achieved this.

Widening your outlook and changing your thinking via these ways creates a recipe for thriving. It’s also likely you’ll collaboratively come up with something that could rock your world!

Put this to the test by…... thinking of a product that stands out to you and question why it does!

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1. Become aware of your internal chatter. Have you ever found yourself dreaming up a creative idea, but procrastinating so much, it never becomes a reality? This is probably because you are listening to your inner chatter. Listening to the saboteur inside our heads is a guaranteed way to suffocate our creativity. So tuning into our unconscious minds and learning to recognise our repetitive thoughts of self-judgement or fear is valuable. Once you have tapped into turning this off or at least down, you will naturally be allowing more creative ideas to flow. Do you have ideas that you often think would be a great business or product. Learn to be more open to exploring these further when they come up.

2. Allow yourself to think like a child. Children are more playful, less fearful and can be more creative than adults. Letting you think in a child-like way can help your unconscious ideas flow. Although it might feel strange encouraging you to envisage the most positive outcomes it can be very powerful. Childlike thinking can lead to lots of new and original ideas.

3. Read something that you wouldn’t usually go for. There’s a lot of news related to the Coronavirus at the moment which can be overwhelming and create unnecessary fear. We can choose to turn to alternatives instead of consuming news, literature or media that are related to our usual interests, culture or values. This can be a good move in more ways than one and easily achieved. By reading subjects that differ from our regular interests or genres of fiction we are drawn to. In doing this you begin to encourage yourself to think in different ways and develop new ideas.

4. Give yourself thinking space. Have you ever noticed what happens when you step away from your normal routine and immerse yourself into a completely different environment? Your mind can start to fill with new and innovative ideas! As parents we often need to think on our feet when given a problem to solve. Although, if you can create some space and quiet around your thinking time it’s likely to be far more creative. Especially if you can spend some time away from home, I know that we are limited to where we can go at the moment. Although just changing your surroundings slightly can still be helpful, such as sitting in the garden or going for a walk. This allows some thinking space and a chance to trigger creative ideas. I find that mediation also helps to tap into my unconscious; this practice also stops my internal chatter. I often have new ideas come up when my mind is relaxed.

5. Write all of your ideas down. A great way to generate outside-of-the-box ideas is to write your thoughts down as much as possible. Allocate time for this creative process, many people find journaling the best way to identify with this method. When you are writing your ideas down let them flow without fear of them being too ambitious, impossible or far-fetched. You will be surprised at how many of your outlandish ideas are really quite good and uncover steps you can take to make change happen.

How to enhance your already high achieving attitude

Think about things differently

Being an entrepreneur automatically means you’re the type of person who thinks differently. That’s where your success comes from. It’s the one thing you need to stay on top of your market!

It’s clear that you’re already in this position through introducing and implementing change around you. To ensure your continued success you will need to keep on thinking outside the box.

If there is one nugget I encourage you to take away from reading this, it is not to limit your thinking! Go big and write down everything even the disconnected ideas, the value of your creative thought is incredible.

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